We know that nonprofits are a fundamental part of what makes the Wood River Valley special.

From educational opportunities and environmental causes, to arts and culture events and community development efforts, the work of nonprofits is at the core of what makes this area a special place to call home.

Your work needs support, and we are committed to growing the pool of philanthropic funds in the Wood River Valley that will make more meaningful impact possible. Spur catalyzes the giving that will help your mission come to life.

Partnering for Success


Partnering for Growth


Partnering for Growth


Partnering for Growth

“Spur was the FIRST to step up at a critical time when we were figuring out how to … meet the immediate needs of seniors, help protect this high-risk population and ensure they were fed and
safe in their homes.”
"Spur has been a fantastic partner of The Hunger Coalition. We value their willingness to dive in and understand our most pressing needs and goals, and then introduce our cause to those seeking to enhance our community through philanthropy."

Grow your impact with with Spur.

Our Approach

We take a partnership approach to working with a wide variety of nonprofits. Our goal is not only to increase overall funding, but to provide guidance and services that help you run a smooth and transparent operation.

Fostering Excellence

Spur actively invests in promoting excellence in Wood River Valley nonprofits. We offer leadership training, communications seminars and access to data to help organizations benchmark their operations.

Assessment Process

Participation in our assessment process is voluntary but important to open the full range of grant opportunities withSpur. We use the information we collect to showcase your work to potential donors, and to get a landscape perspective on the sector you work in so we can help identify funding gaps and common challenges.

1. Questionnaire

We start with a questionnaire that captures information ranging from your goals and programs to governance practices and finances. We seek to understand your organization’s priorities, activities, culture, opportunities and challenges to be able to introduce donors to your cause with confidence.

2. Interview
We then follow up with your organization’s leadership to ask questions, get clarification, and ensure we have a thorough understanding of your work.

3. Refresh
We check in periodically to ask for updates and make sure our information stays up to date.

Organizations monitored by Spur


Grant Recipient

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Funding through Spur makes a difference.

Spur makes grants from a variety of sources—from donor-advised funds to discretionary funds that focus on specific mission categories. All our discretionary grants target organizations and projects with meaningful impact in the Wood River Valley.

  • Discretionary grants are made on a rolling basis with no specific application timeline.

  • Proposals opportunities begin through conversations with a member of Spur’s board or staff.

  • The organization, program or project must benefit the Wood River Valley.

  • Goals and outcomes must be specific, measurable and on a timeline. Spur will consider granting unrestricted funds to organizations that have earned our highest confidence over time and that track organizational goals and outcomes as rigorously as specific projects.

  • Current policy stipulates that grants over $10,000 are given exclusively to organizations that have completed the assessment process.

Catalyzing Impact


Catalyzing Impact


Catalyzing Impact

Working with Spur helped us to gain a clear vision and a more united board. The assessment has been a catalyst for us to dig deeper, clarify our vision and values, and has truly strengthened us as an organization.

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